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Materials for the Argument Unit

Part One:  An Introduction to Logical Argument

Structure of an Essay Notes
Sample Introductions for "The Journal of a Wife Beater"
Argument Pre-Writing Chart (blank)
"What Happened to Winston?"
Sample Introductions for "What Happened to Winston?"
"Slip or Trip?"
Sample Pre-Writing Charts for "Slip or Trip?" (click here for sample charts from 2004:  Sample 1 | Sample 2)
Sample Arguments for "Slip or Trip?"
"The Musician est muerto."
Sample Arguments for "The musician est muerto."
"The Case of the Speedy Thieves"
Sample Arguments for "The Case of the Speedy Thieves"
"The Par-Tee Crasher"
"The Kwik-E-Mart Killer" (click here for v. 2004 of this mock trial packet)


Part Two:  Arguments of Judgment and Discrimination

Discrimination Scenarios
Class Definition of "Discrimination"
Proposition 187 Packet
Notes:  What is Prop. 187?
Notes:  Research Needed to Answer "Is Prop. 187 discriminatory or not?"
Note-Taking Format for Research (NOTE CARDS)

5th Period          7th Period          9th Period


8th Period (without counter argument)   8th Period (with counter argument)

Putting in Quoted Evidence and Citations

5th & 7th Period          8th Period           9th Period

Sample Paragraphs:  Moving from Outline to Paragraphs       5th & 7th Period          8th Period           9th Period