8th Period--Sample Outline from Class, 5/20

Everything written in RED will change depending on what you are arguing or how you want to say it.


I.       Introduction

A. Attention-getter:  “Remember” quote by F.D.R.

B. Context about what Prop. 187 is

C. Thesis:  I believe that Prop. 187 does not discriminate, but it is an unjust law.  It isn’t discriminatory because illegal immigrants are not judged unfairly.  However, taking education away from children, no matter who they are, causes harm.


II.      Reason 1:  No “unfair judgment,” proof #1

A.  Transition and topic sentence:  First of all, illegal immigrants are in no way judged unfairly in Prop. 187.

B.  Context:  The law states that illegal immigrants are causing economic and physical harm to Californians by taking jobs and costing tax payers excessive amounts of money.

C.  Evidence:  $4 billion cost (p. 6/note card 3)

D.  Explain my evidence! (________________________)

E.  Tie-back to thesis:  Therefore, since illegal immigrants haven’t been judged unfairly, they also have clearly not been discriminated against.


III.     Reason 1 continued:  No “unfair judgment” with counter argument

A. Transition and topic sentence:  While many people would like you to think that illegals have been stereotyped and become the victims of prejudice in the Prop. 187 debate, nothing could be farther from the truth.

B. Opposition’s evidence:  $10 billion bonus (p. 9/note card 6).

C. Explain why opposition’s evidence is faulty:  What my opposition fails to understand is that this “bonus” is benefiting the United States, NOT California.  In fact, in the same article, the researches admitted that California was suffering more than any other state in the nation.

D. My evidence:  $1,178 tax figure (p. 9/note card 8)

E.  Explain my evidence! (________________________)

F.   Tie-back to thesis:  _______________________


IV.    Reason 2:  There is "harm/injustice," proof #1

A. Transition and topic sentence: _______________

B. Evidence: _____________

C. Explain _________________

D. Tie-back ______________


V.     Reason 2 continued:  There is “harm/injustice” with counter argument

A. Transition and topic sentence:  _______________

B. Opposition’s evidence:  _______________

C. Explain why opposition’s evidence is faulty:  _______________

D. My evidence:  _______________

E.  Explain my evidence _______________

F.   Tie-back  _______________


VI.         Conclusion

A.   Transition and restate thesis: _______________

B.  Call to action