9th Period--Putting in Quoted Evidence, 5/22

Below is a sample paragraph from class.  The highlighted sentence  is the quoted evidence we put into the paragraph to make the argument stronger.  Always remember to do three things when using quoted evidence in an essay:

  1. USE QUOTATION MARKS around the "word-for-word" evidence you took from your research.
  2. Introduce your quote or otherwise make sure you've let your reader know who is saying it (give your quote context).
  3. Put in a citation after your quote.  Use the author's name if you have it.  If not, use the title of the article.

          First of all, I think Prop. 187 is a good law because illegal immigrants are costing too much money for all the public services they take.  “In areas with high concentrations of low-skilled, low-paid immigrants are state and local taxpayers paying more on average to support the publicly funded services that these immigrants use,” stated the National Research Council. They’re living off others hard earned money and taking such things as education and tax money and causing job displacement.  What this means is that the legal people who have already been here working hard put their money up to fix roads around their vicinity.  Yet the illegal immigrant comes and lives off them for free!  Therefore...