9th Period--Sample Outline from Class, 5/20

Everything written in RED will change depending on what you are arguing or how you want to say it.


I.  Introduction

A. Attention-getter: “Remember” quote by FDR

B. Context: Answer “What is Prop. 187?”

C. Thesis with reasons:  I believe that Prop. 187 is a good law because illegal immigrants cost too much and citizens shouldn’t have to suffer.


II.  Reason One: Illegal immigrants cost too much

A. Transition and topic sentence:  First of all, I think Prop. 187 is a good law because illegal immigration is costing Californians too much money.

B.  Evidence:  For example, Gov. Pete Wilson “discovered that the cost of illegals to California, in unemployment, medical, educational and other services, was more than $4 billion annually” (p. 6).

C.  Explain evidence: What this means is that because illegals don’t pay as many taxes as citizens, citizens have to pay more money to cover services like education that illegals use.  That’s not fair to citizens.

D.  Tie-back to thesis:  Prop. 187 tries to stop this unfair situation, therefore, I think it’s a good law.


III.  Reason Two:  Citizens shouldn’t have to suffer

A.  Trans. and topic sentence:

B.  Evidence:

C.  Explanation:

D.  Tie-Back


IV.  Conclusion

A. Transition and restate thesis:  In conclusion, _________________________________

B.  Call to action: