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Note-Taking Format for Research:

Proposition 187


Card Key:  List whether your card has information that is PRO-187, ANTI-187 (pro-discrimination), or CONTEXT (basic background information).

 Card Subject Label:  Give your card a label so you know what information you included on it.  For example:  SUMMARY OF PROP. 187 or EXPERT EVIDENCE ON IMMIGRATION HARM.

 Card #:  Number all your cards to help yourself keep track of them.  You might want to give them two “numbers”:  one to show the order you made it in and one to show how the information on it relates to other cards.  For example, if I have two cards that have information about emotional harm cause by Prop. 187, then I might label them 4/B and 18/B.  The 4 and 18 just show which card they are out of all my cards, but the B shows that they are both about the same thing.

 Source Information:  This is where you should right all the source information from the source you’re getting your information from including web addresses, authors, titles, dates, etc.

 Quote, Paraphrase, Summary and Citation:  This is where you put the information you take from a text.  If you write it word-for-word, then you must use quotation marks AND cite your source if you use it in an essay.  If you paraphrase, you take a quote and rewrite it in your own words AND you must cite in an essay.  If you summarize, then you’re taking a lot of information and boiling it down to the basics.  If the information is basic info, then no citation is needed.


Card Key


Card #




Source:  Author’s last name, first name. “Title of Article.”  Title of Magazine/Newspaper or website address.  Date.





Quote (using quotation marks), Paraphrase, or Summary on information





















Citation?: Y / N