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Sample Introductions for the "What Happened to Winston?" Argument

Below are a few introductions written by your classmates this year.  All of them include context and a thesis statement.  Some include an attention-grabber at the beginning.  Look them over.  They are good examples of how to write an introduction.


    In "What Happened to Winston?", Winston Peacock was found dead in his home on January 2nd.  Nobody knows what happened to Winston.  Winston used to open the door and wave to Jenny every morning.  But this time, there was no wave.  I believe he was murdered because people thought he had a fortune and if he committed suicide, how did the rug flip up?  I have more reasons, but you have to read my essay.  And trust me, you will agree with me.


    Was it murder or suicide?  Winston was found dead in his home on January 2nd.  There were no witnesses.  There were no suspects.  Could the have been the perfect crime?  Some of my fellow students and I believe not.  We believe Winston's death was suicide.  There are two major clues that lead us believe that this was not murder.  First, the gun found in his hand looks like the matching one to the gun on the wall which indicates that it was Winston's own gun.  In addition, the door was locked and latched and the only window was not broken.


    Murder or suicide?  Mr. Winston Peacock was found dead in his home by Jenny, the newspaper delivery girl.  No suspects have been found, but several clues point to foul play.  Mr. Peacock was found lying dead with the carpet flipped over.  His glasses were mysteriously placed neatly next to him.  I am certain Mr. Peacock was murdered for these and more reasons.


    With the gun still in his hand, Winston laid dead on the floor in his home.  Winston Peacock lived alone and the only way to get into the home was through the front door which was latched or through the window.  On January 2, the police broke into the window and saw Winston lying on the floor.  I believe that Winston Peacock committed suicide because the gun is still in his hand.  Also, I believe that he killed himself because no one could have entered through the front door because it was locked.


    "Watson, my good fellow, was it suicide or murder???"  That is the question on everyone's mind.  On January 2, a man named Winston Peacock was found dead by his papergirl.  It is my belief that he committed suicide because he was found with the weapon still in his hand and the door was bolted shut.