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William Shakespeare's

The Taming of the Shrew

"Back to School" Journal Assignments

Due as marked.

Taming Discussion Blog
  • Taming Paper Assignment (Proposal due 9/25-10/3; Draft 1 due 10/6-10/10; Draft 2 due 10/13-10/17; Draft 3 due 10/20-10/24; Critical Reflection due 10/27-10/31)

Summer Assignment Links

All assignments due the first day of class EXCEPT #4.

Taming Discussion Blog
Assignment #1:  Pre-Reading/ Anticipation Guide Assignment #4: On-Line Discussion Blog Postings
Assignment #2:  Questions and "Notice" Lists Assignment #5:  Pick-Your-Favorite-Foil
Assignment #3:  Character Bookmarks  and  Book Marking Assignment #6:  Post-Reading on Kate's and Petruchio's Perspectives