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Taming Assignment #2:  Questions and "Notice" Lists

After spending this year with Ms. Levine and doing a TON of SHEDDing, you should be pretty comfortable now with interacting with your text, both in terms of questioning it, especially when you are confused or puzzled, and in noticing the author’s techniques.  Therefore, I want you to write up two lists (see Assignment #3 for a hint about how to keep this from disrupting your reading too much). 

  • One should be an on-going question list where you write down the questions you have as you are reading the play.  Even if you end up answering yourself, leave the question on the list (just mark it with an “A” or something to show you think you’ve figured it out).  Given the quirks of this play, you should probably have a page-full of questions.

  • Your “notice” list should be a list of specific techniques or details that you notice while reading.  As always, pay attention to beginnings, endings, character function (which is what assignments 3 and 5 are about), setting, structure, imagery, point of view (since this is a play, consider this as “character perspective;” most of this will fall into discussion of “character function”), and symbolism.   Write out the things you notice in complete sentences.  If you desire, you may want to write out mini-paragraphs on a few.