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World Literature Paper 2, Pre-Writing Assignment


  • Select 3 key passages* from the World Literature book you did not use for your World Lit. Paper #1.  Your World Literature texts are:  A Doll's House, Woman in the Dunes, and Metamorphosis.

  • Make a list of the passages.  When you list them, write down the page range for each, start sentences and end sentences of the passage, and a short but detailed discussion of why you picked the passage as a “key” passage.  (“Short but detailed” = minimum of a good sized paragraph with specifics about the passage and the book as a whole.)



  • A "key passage" is one that is clearly super-significant to the book as a whole AND in which you can see many different techniques working together; in other words:  a "stand-out" scene.  An example of a “key passage” from Metamorphosis is when Gregor leaves his room for the last time and listens to his sister playing violin for the boarders.  Another key passage from this book is the very end when the family goes out after Gregor’s death.

  • * Your key passages must be at least 40 lines long and no longer than 70 lines.