Analyzing Tone Exercise: Supplement to Taming
  1. Choose TWO of the passages below to analyze.
  1. In your analysis, make a claim about what “tone” each passage has (Pick one extremely specific word to capture the “tone” of each passage.)  Remember TONE = speaker’s attitude about his/her subject.
  1. Once you’ve decided on your tones, justify your choice with an in-depth analysis of the words and structure of the line and how they create/convey that particular tone.  FOCUS ON THE CLARITY AND DETAIL OF YOUR EXPLANATIONS.  Write up your two analyses on a separate sheet (or type them). 
  1. One does not wish to begin correction too soon.  It would be unjust to expect a new bride to attain perfection overnight.  A period of flexibility is required.
  1. My voice rang out boldy, a Homeric call to battle.
  1. Nitsa, that shrew, has been at the restaurant for several days now acting as if nothing had happened.  Heartless wench without the decency to show some shred of remorse!
  1. Bringing an attractive young girl into a man’s home is much the same as bringing in a puppy that has not yet been housebroken. 
  1. Plague and damnation!  Blood and unspeakable horror!
  1. There was a certain boldness and immodesty about Nitsa which I found displeasing, but one must bear with thin in a healthy young woman.


  1. You have gained my mercy and forbearance and have proven to my satisfaction that you deserve my virile love and are worthy of my intrepid manhood!