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Taming Assignment #4:  On-Line Discussion Blog Postings

Go to the blog

One time in July and one time in August, you must get on-line and access The Taming of the Shrew discussion blog through my website: http://s.spachman.tripod.com/home.htm.  The “blog” is a place where I can post prompts/ideas/questions for you to react to.  You must go to the blog, find one of the prompts you’d like to respond to, and then write a response (minimum of a good-sized paragraph) to the prompt.  Just click on the “comments” link below the prompt to see the comments your classmates have already posted and to get to the “post a comment” button.  Type your name and your comment and then submit it to the blog. 

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you compose your response in a Word document first (or at least write it down) and then paste it into the comment box.  The blog sometimes acts all quirky and loses your work when you’re trying to submit it.

Please also note:  The blog will date your posting so I’ll know when you submitted it.  Beware Sunday nights. Many websites shut down their servers for maintenance on Sunday nights, so you might not be able to get into the blog to do your comments.

And YES, you can post MORE than twice to the blog.  Please do!

Don’t have internet at home?  Try your local Chicago Public library.  Most have computer banks hooked up to the internet (although they are notoriously slow).