Humanities/AcaDeca Survivor Game

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Scenario #3:  Houston… we have a problem…

The ship is decked out in all its dazzling technology and the supplies are on board… and now, the most serious problem comes to light.  Due to a miscalculation by the ship designers, there isn’t enough room for all your team members on the ZXC-187.  The only way to correct this issue is to redesign a large portion of the interior of the ship, and with the destruction of the earth almost upon you, there just isn’t enough time to complete the redesign and make the craft structurally sound for the voyage.  Your best alternative is to leave some of your team members on Earth.

As you make your decisions, keep in mind that your mission has three main goals:

1.      To safely leave the Earth, journey 3.2 light years, and land on Zycron in one piece.

2.      To establish a viable settlement on Zycron.

3.      To continue the human race.


You may also want to consider the following:

·        Populations easily go extinct when there is little variety in the gene pool.  Higher variety allows for more gene combinations resulting in a wider range of characteristics (affecting intellect and ability to learn, physical prowess and agility, genetic diseases and conditions and lack thereof, personality, hardiness/frailty, and more).  More characteristics allow for a species to be more adaptable over the long run in the face of environmental hardships.

·        Despite sexual preferences and issues of attraction, you can still only reproduce another human being by combining a sperm and an egg.

·        Despite other major medical advances, any woman over the age of 40 is still at high-risk of giving birth to a child with serious medical problems.

·        Thinking long-term is all well and good, but once you land, your immediate survival as a team is at stake.  Without a proper settlement, your team will be under almost impossible levels of stress which will affect your morale and your health, and therefore, your ability to survive.  Also (going back to thinking long-term), species under high stress have low reproduction levels.

·        The unsettled, uncivilized environment of Zycron will be hazardous, and the process of building a settlement will entail high risks for all involved, particularly when it comes to the physical labor.  Accidents during building are likely.

·        Although each team member has an area of expertise, adaptability and ability to learn are a must.  Also, highly-skilled people are likely to be able to train others.


So what’s the magic number of people you can take?  __________