Humanities/AcaDeca Survivor Game

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Scenario #1:  Beam me up, Scotty

While the ship has certain systems in place, like autopilot and hyper-drive for faster travel, you have a choice about other technology you might choose to add to the ship to make your voyage more successful, efficient, and enjoyable.  The main consideration for these decisions is space:  You may choose from the lists below, but your total list may not exceed 3000 cubic meters of space.

Make your decisions as a WHOLE team.  You will be asked to justify your choices, so take notes, add up your choices, and be ready to present (consider your roles about who should do this).



Space Needed



Space Needed

Suspended Animation System:  This system allows people on your space craft to enter a state of ageless sleep.  During this time, not only will the people in the system not age, they will also not need food or other supplies, as the systems of the body will have been slowed to almost stopping.  This particular system will allow you to suspend 10 people at a time.

2000 cubic meters


(for the sleeping bay and support equipment)


Asteroid Field Navigation System:  While your ship comes with autopilot, it does not navigate asteroid fields (which are known to be in the vicinity of Zycron).  Your team could either navigate these fields manually (a risky business) or choose this technology to avoid the dangers of the asteroids all-together.  Your chances of encountering an asteroid field during your voyage: 35%.

1000 cubic meters

Entertainment System:  This system contains everything from media entertainment (TV, movie, music), virtual reality adventures, game simulations, interactive learning programs, and health/athletic programs.  There are many benefits to having this system.  For example, the virtual reality part of this system will allow your team “freedom” from cabin fever and provide isolation and peace and quiet from others.  Additionally,  the athletic programs will keep your team in shape and reduce stress.

1100 cubic meters


Robotically Equipped Medical Bay:  This technology will not only allow for easier medical practices on-board ship, but also more exact ones.  Should someone fall ill or get hurt during the voyage, the robotic technology provides a quicker diagnosis and more expedient and accurate treatment to keep up your team’s health.  In fact, most treatments can be completed without a doctor present.  Portions of this bay can also be used once you are settled on Zycron.

2600 cubic meters


(for the bay itself and all the robotic equipment and additional supplies)

Auto-Weaponry System:  This system equips the ship with auto-detection of hostile space crafts, a defense-shield system, and the ability to effectively defend your ship in the event of an attack.

650 cubic meters


Landing Scout:  This device would be sent prior to landing.  While it orbits Zycron, it will determine for your team where on the planet the best landing sites are and when your team should attempt to land.

550 cubic meters

Hyper-Booster:  While your ship comes equipped with a hyper-drive, the “hyper-booster” is a fuel cache that, when put into the ship’s system, will shave as much as 18 months off your voyage.  It “boosts” the efficiency of your hyper-drive without damaging the system.

400 cubic meters


Dimensional Manipulation Equipment:  This device expands your cargo bay by tapping into other dimensions to “store” items.  With this technology, you gain the ability to add 5 tons to the amount of supplies you can take in Scenario #2.

800 cubic meters