Humanities/AcaDeca Survivor Game

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The mission:  To abandon the dying planet Earth and resettle on Zycron, a planet identified and explored by remote technology.  This planet has been determined to be the closest planet to Earth that has the most similarities to Earth.  Here are some more facts:

  • Zycron is 3.2 light years away.  Using current Earth technology and the XZC-189 space craft, the trip to Zycron will take 16 years.
  • Zycron is completely uninhabited by civilized beings.  There are no cities, towns, houses, etc.  The planet is in a state of “wilderness.”
  • There are some very large and dangerous animals on the planet.
  • The climate of the planet changes depending on where you are on it and what season it is.  Temperatures range from -80 F to 120 F.
  • 60% of the planet is covered in water, and approximately 50% of this water is undrinkable due to a mineral in the water (which can be extracted much like salt is from salt water).
  • The XZC-189 ship runs primarily on autopilot, but with no ground support system and landing on a foreign planet, landing will be a tricky business.
  • The XZC-189 is fully-stocked for travel with 2 year contingency supplies in case the trip goes longer than 16 years.

It has been determined that there is less than a week left on Earth in which to plan your departure so you may safely abandon the planet.  After a week’s time, earthquakes and disastrous weather will put your flight plans on hold permanently, and your entire team and the future of the human race will perish with the planet.



Step One:  Know your Role.  Make a list of what your character is going to be concerned about in this resettlement effort.  Consider that your character is going to think is important to have/take/do on such a mission and how your character’s personality will play a role in how the team works together.  (See the roles.)

Step Two: Meet the Team. Each team member should introduce him/herself to the other team members.  Then decide how to proceed into the next step.  Who is going to do what during these 3 decision-making processes?  (e.g., How are decisions going to be reached?  Is there a leader?  Is there a note-taker?  Is there a speaker?  A facilitator?  Etc.)
Step Three: The Three Scenarios.  Complete the “Survivor Scenarios” as a team.  All decisions must be completed and justified by Friday.  (See Ms. Spachman for your first team scenario.) (Go to Scenario #1.)