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Scenario #2:  Building a brave new world…

While the ship is being equipped with the additional technology you chose during the last scenario, you now need to turn your attention to what you’ll need after landing on Zycron.  The ship will contain supplies for the voyage to Zycron, but you will need to choose supplies and equipment to take with you for your settlement on the new planet.  There is a weight limit in terms of what can be brought onto the ship.  You may choose from the lists below, but your total list may not exceed 30 tons (60,000 pounds).

*Note: Where different supply amounts are given, you can choose one supply amount or both/all depending on the needs of your team. 

Make your decisions as a WHOLE team.  You will be asked to justify your choices, so take notes, add up your choices, and be ready to present (consider your roles about who should do this).


Food & Drink

Building Materials

Drinking Water

750 gal. = 1 mo. supply: 6,250 lbs.

1500 gal. = 2 mo. supply: 12,5000 lbs.

Lumber and Steel primarily for shelter—important since there are no pre-existing houses on Zycron; leftover wood can be used for water transport

Material for 1 large & 1 small building:  18,000 lbs.

Material for 3 large buildings:

32,000 lbs.

Protein-Based Foods including preserved meat and poultry, soy products, dried beans, and nuts (serving for an average adult is 4-6 oz. per day)

3 month supply: 500 lbs.

6 month supply: 1000 lbs.

Basic Tools for construction efforts including hammers, hand drills, chisels, saws, axes, basic machines (e.g. pulleys which are useful for lifting), and the like

1750 lbs.

Canned Vegetables and Fruits which are vital sources of vitamins and fiber to protect your team’s health (serving to maintain an average adult’s health is 1 cup fruit and 1.5 cups vegetables per day)

3 month supply: 1350 lbs.

6 month supply: 2700 lbs.

Piping, Tubing, and Wiring to run plumbing, electricity, take care of sewage concerns, etc.

Material for 1 large & 1 small building:  5000 lbs.

Material for 3 large buildings:

10,000 lbs.

Grains  like cereals and crackers, and milled grains for making breads are also an important part of the human diet (serving for an average adult is 6 oz. per day)

3 month supply: 300 lbs.

6 month supply: 600 lbs.

Hardware to build and maintain structures and equipment

Equipment Kit:  500 lbs.

Small Housing and Equipment Kit: 2500 lbs.

Large Housing and Equipment Kit: 5000 lbs.

Powdered Milk is essential for calcium (one packet will make a ½ gal. when mixed with water, enough for 4 people’s daily serving)

3 month supply: 180 lbs.

6 month supply: 360 lbs.

Tarps, Roofing, and Ropes to weather-proof buildings you make, make sails, secure items for transport, and use with basic tools

2350 lbs.

Vitamins and Energy Supplements for in times of short food supply; these items will help to maintain your team’s health even when they aren’t getting enough to eat

3 month supply:  575 lbs.

6 month supply: 1150 lbs.




Medical & Other

Ground Transport Kit including 3 light-weight frames and wheel sets to make basic, motorized vehicles for human travel

4000 lbs.

Basic Medical Supplies for first aid, births with no complications, minor diseases and minor emergency conditions; this also includes pain killers and insulin shots

One year supply: 2000 lbs.

Two year supply: 4000 lbs.

Ready-Made Ground Transport includes two fully-assembled, middle-weight vehicles useful for transporting people and materials

8000 lbs.

Advanced Medical Supplies for major injuries and surgery; these supplies include a mobile triage unit with intensive care capabilities

10,000 lbs.

Generators and Fuel to hook up to heating, cooling, cooking, and electrical systems; 20 gallons of fuel allow the generators to run for approximately 48 hours

2 generators w/ 120 gal. fuel:

1300 lbs.

3 generators w/ 200 gal. fuel:

2050 lbs.


Warm weather clothes, one year

supply:  1700 lbs.

Cold weather clothes, one year supply: 2400 lbs.

Footwear and protective gear (e.g., helmets), two year supply:  1700 lbs.

Batteries for all small mechanized devices, lights, and general power uses

1 month supply: 750 lbs.

3 month supply: 2250 lbs.

Farming Supplies include seeds for planting your own crops and tools for tilling soil, fertilizing crops, and harvesting

Two growing seasons:  700 lbs.

Four growing seasons: 1400 lbs.

Mechanized Excavation Equipment to clear areas for building, provide more secure foundations for your buildings, and to allow you to being building an infrastructure (e.g., roads)

11,000 lbs.

Baby Supplies including formula, clothing and blankets, diapers (non-disposable), bottles, carrying slings, and the like

1500 lbs.

Weaponry including hand guns, rifles, shotguns, knives, cross-bows, machetes, axes, and spears

1500 lbs.

Basic Dwelling Supplies including cookware, sleeping bags, portable furniture (e.g., chairs), and more

Basic Supplies:  1250 lbs.

Basic with tents:  2000 lbs.

Basic w/ tents and cots: 2350 lbs.


Toiletries for hygiene and personal grooming in natural water sources

Two year supply: 800 lbs.

Four year supply: 1600 lbs.