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Web Quest Research Project

for Warriors Don’t Cry


TUESDAY, 11/26/02

  1. As a group, (if you haven’t already) decide how you are going to present your information from Part One to the class. 

Remember, EVERYONE in the group must do part of the presentation.  You can choose to simply report your information (i.e., speak/read it to the class), but you still must ORGANIZE your information so that your classmates can learn from you.  If you choose, you can make your presentation more elaborate and have visual aids (i.e., posters, pictures, a folding tri-board display, a PowerPoint presentation, etc.)  If you do this, you can earn extra credit.  (Notify Ms. Spachman before next Wednesday if you will be doing a PowerPoint presentation.)

  1. As a group, (if you haven’t already) decide what you are going to do for Part Two—The Time Capsule.

You have to agree on which TWO of the optional items your group wants to do and then who will be doing what of all six items.

  1. Use lab time today to complete any research you need to do for Part Two.

(If you still aren’t done with Part One research, finish that up in the first 20 minutes today!)

  1. If you finish your research, meet with your group QUIETLY at a table outside in the library to organize information, plan, etc.


5th, 7th, and 8th Periods: HOMEWORK TONIGHT—Read Chapter 14.

9th Period:  HOMEWORK TONIGHT—Read Chapters 12-13 and do discussion questions.