(see sample postcards) | (download the postcard Word document)


1.      Randomly select an event and POV.*

2.      Decide who your character would be writing a postcard to.

3.      Work on writing a brief (3-5 sentences only) of the event from your character’s POV.

4.      Determine what other information your character would share with their chosen audience.  Also determine HOW your character would say what s/he is saying.

5.      Take what you’ve done with steps 3-4 and refine your writing into what your postcard will actually say.  Write that on the postcard copy given to you.  It MUST fit on that sheet!

6.      Finally, determine what kind of picture would be on the other side of the postcard.  What sort of picture would your character choose for his/her postcard?  Work on drawing your character’s postcard with the supplies given to you.

*Possible selections might include:
  • Event:  Going to Circe's palace; POV:  Eurylochus
  • Event:  The bag of winds; POV:  Odysseus
  • Event:  The conflict with Odysseus; POV:  Polyphemus
  • Event:  The conflict with the Cyclops; POV: Odysseus
  • Event:  Meeting Odysseus' crew;  POV:  Circe
  • Event:  Meeting King Antiphates; POV: Odysseus