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  Postcard #5  




I apologize for leaving without your knowledge, but the goddess who loved my father has set forth a plan for me.  I have set sail in search of news of my father, be he alive or in the world of the dead.  That I have never known my father troubles me so, and though I am assured he was a great man, I must find out for myself if he was great enough to survive so long away from us.

Pylos will be my temporary home as I search for answers.   I will be gone no more than a year.  When I return, I have vowed to address the issue of the suitors that plague you.

                     Your son, Telemachus


  TO:  Mother Penelope

  C/O:  Ms. Spachman's 3rd & 4th

  Period Survey Lit. Classes

  Room 262

  Curie Metro High School

  4959 S. Archer Ave.

  Chicago, IL 60632