"Women's Brains" & "The Yellow
Wall-Paper" Assignment

(optional for turning in, but questions will be addressed in class Wed. )

Due Tues., June 4

"Women's Brains" (click here if you lost the copy I gave you)

"The Yellow Wall-Paper" (click here if you lost the copy I gave you)

Basic info:  The research quoted in "Women's Brains" is from the late 1800s.  "The Yellow Wall-Paper" was written in 1899.

  1. Discuss the portrayal of the narrator of the story from three perspectives:  how her husband sees her, how she sees herself, and how you, as the reader, see her.
  2. Make connections between the story and "Women's Brains."  Discuss several connections that are going on.
  3. Are "Women's Brains" and "The Yellow Wall-Paper" statements for or against feminist ideals?
  4. Post your thoughts on-line for extra credit.  Click here for the blog.