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Current Reading Assignments: All students should be done with their reading of BNW as of 2/9.

Materials & Other Assignments

1. In Search of Utopia (12/10+)

2. Anticipation Guide (12/14+)
4. "Henry Ford" (12/14)
6. Reacting to the "insidious" BNW (1/20)
8. BNW Jeopardy (1/23)
  9. Marking Chapter 8: Is the World State better than Malpais?
  10. Portrait of a Character Group Project
100 Human Types
IR Assignment on "Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful"
  12. Character Press Conference: Ask the Questions with No Right Answer
    13. Final Discussion
  14. Post-Reading Essay
15. Intro to Color-Marking: How Page 3 Reveals Huxley's Opinion of the "Utopia"
    16. Epigraph of BNW