Brave New World:  De-Puzzling Chapter 3

  1. In your small group, finish reading/skimming chapter 3 from page 47 to page 56.  Mark/highlight all the sections belonging to your group (Mustapha, Lenina, Henry/Bernard, or “mystery section”) in your books.  Then mark the copies of those pages I gave you.
  2. When you believe you’ve found all the sections belonging to your group (you might have a couple questionable ones), call over Ms. Spachman to check your work.
  3. Once you are approved, cut out all of your group’s sections STARTING FROM PAGE 34 AND ENDING AT PAGE 56, making sure not to cut off the number of each section.
  4. Put the sections in order and paste them to the paper provided to you by Ms. Spachman.
  5. Read all your sections together, in order, aloud so the whole group can follow the storyline.
  6. Once you’ve read your storyline all the way through, create 2-3 questions for your storyline.  These questions should not “recall” questions (questions you can find the answer to right in the text; example:  What’s the Controller’s name?)  These questions should be questions you have about what happens and/or what is said in your storyline.  Write these questions below.
  7. Call over Ms. Spachman to discuss your work.