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"Smoke Gets in my Eyes"

Julia and her brother, Nicolas, were staying at their rich Aunt Marguerite's house one summer for a week.  Aunt Marguerite was old and appreciated the help of her younger relatives.  She wasn't in good health so everyone was forbidden to smoke in the house.  This was no problem for Julia because she didn't smoke, but it was a problem for Nicolas, a cigar smoker.  He was forced to go outside on the balcony to smoke.
One night, Julia was helping her aunt get ready for bed.  After Marguerite was settled comfortably, Julia went down to the living room and discovered that an old treasured set of golf clubs inlaid with jewels had been stolen.  She tripped the alarm immediately.  Nicolas was there in a second and the police were there in minutes.
Once they were gathered in the living room, Julia pointed to the balcony dramatically.  "I know who stole the clubs.  When I came in the room, I could smell cigar smoke blowing in from the balcony.  Nicolas is the obvious culprit."
Nicolas sputtered that he hadn't been out on the balcony.  The policeman looked the situation over, turned to Julia and said, "The way I see it, ma'am, you're lying."

Why did the policeman not believe Julia?


This mystery can be solved with two clues.  Re-read the story carefully and study the picture below.  Then write down the two clues that solve the mystery in complete sentences.  Then write a warrant to explain how the policeman knew Julia was lying.

Remember:  A warrant is a general rule that most people with common sense can agree on about a situation.  Example:  If you fall while carrying something downstairs, you will drop what you're carrying to try to stop your fall.