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"Monkey Business"

David asked his dad if he could take the family station wagon for a spin.  His dad finally agreed, but told David that he wanted no monkey business going on in his car.  He told David he wanted the car back in an hour.
"No prob, Dad," said David.  He picked up his friend, Jacob, and they drove to the local Dairy Queen to hang out with their friends.
At home, his father kept his eye on the clock.  When David was not back after an hour, his father became upset.  After two hours, he got mad.  When David finally pulled into the driveway, he had been gone nearly three hours.
"Dad, you're not going to believe what happened.  I almost got into a really bad accident.  I was heading toward an intersection and the light was green.  Just when I was ready to drive through, someone ran the red light.  I slammed on the brakes and the bottle of pop I was drinking went flying, crashing right into the window and smashing a hole in it.  But I didn't hit the guy, and I was wearing my seat belt.  I bet you're relieved."
His father didn't say anything, but he walked around the car, checking it over.  When he was done, he looked at his son and said, "You're grounded.  You're right.  I don't believe that's what happened."

Why was David's father so sure David's story wasn't true?


This mystery can be solved with two clues.  Re-read the story carefully and study the picture below.  Then write down the two clues that solve the mystery in complete sentences.  Then write a warrant to explain how David's dad knew he was lying.

Remember:  A warrant is a general rule that most people with common sense can agree on about a situation.  Example:  If you fall while carrying something downstairs, you will drop what you're carrying to try to stop your fall.