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"Breaking In"

Mrs. Waterford was known throughout the neighborhood to have a very rare and valuable blue diamond necklace.  She claimed it had been in the family for years and was valued at a quarter of a million dollars.
Her husband, Reginald, had left her, saying she could do nothing for herself.  Alone, she let her house fall down around her.  She didn't work and had no income, but she would not sell the necklace.
One night her house was broken into and her necklace stolen.  She was hysterical when she discovered it missing.  The burglar had entered through a window above the porch at the end of the hallway by breaking the window and then unlocking it.  Her house was so cluttered that he must have had a hard time making his way through it.  But Mrs. Waterford claimed she hadn't heard anything that night.  She said she was a sound sleeper.
The insurance agent came to talk to Mrs. Waterford the next day and was ready to settle when he asked if he could take a look around the house.  He walked around, then told her he was sorry but he couldn't give her the insurance money.  Her claim was a sham.

Why wouldn't the insurance agent pay the claim?


This mystery can be solved with two clues.  Re-read the story carefully and study the picture below.  Then write down the two clues that solve the mystery in complete sentences.  Then write a warrant to explain how the insurance agent knew Mrs. Waterford was lying.

Remember:  A warrant is a general rule that most people with common sense can agree on about a situation.  Example:  If you fall while carrying something downstairs, you will drop what you're carrying to try to stop your fall.