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"Bedside Manners"

At three a.m. on a hot summer night, policeman Jack Vance received a call from a very distraught woman.  Her house had been broken into and a diamond ring had been stolen.
When he got to her house, he found the woman sitting on her couch crying.  She was still in her nightgown.  "I'm lucky the robber didn't find me and kill me!  Thank goodness only the ring was stolen.  My insurance will pay for it."
"Tell me what happened," Officer Valance requested.
"I went to bed early last night, around ten o'clock.  I turned the fan on because of the heat and I brought in a large glass of ice water to drink.  I was listening to some music.  Then I must have fallen asleep.  At three, I got up to go to the bathroom and when I came out into the living room, I noticed my ring was missing.  I had left it right on the coffee table.  My hands were swollen from the heat last night so I had slipped it off.  I called you right away.  I didn't hear the robber because of the fan and the music."
"Have you touched or changed anything in the house since you called me?"
"No, I haven't moved."
Officer Vance searched the house.  He became suspicious when he inspected the woman's bedroom.  He returned to the living room and asked the woman what she planned on doing with the insurance money.

How did Jack Vance know the woman was lying?


This mystery can be solved with two clues.  Re-read the story carefully and study the picture below.  Then write down the two clues that solve the mystery in complete sentences.  Then write a warrant to explain how Vance knew the woman was lying.

Remember:  A warrant is a general rule that most people with common sense can agree on about a situation.  Example:  If you fall while carrying something downstairs, you will drop what you're carrying to try to stop your fall.