What I would like to be more than anything else is to be disciplined.  To have what it takes to get a job, no matter how big or small, done efficiently and promptly.  The reality is that I am not disciplined whatsoever.  I give off the illusion of being disciplined, but clearly that isnít the same as actually being disciplined.  My illusion is quite convincing though.  There are scores of people in the world who are absolutely certain that there are no dust bunnies in the corners of my world and that deadlinesó(interesting word that: deadline.  Was it originally intended to mean:  If you donít get to this point by such and such a time, Iím going to kill you?  Or just that once this time has past, I donít care how nice you are, thereís no going back.  Itówhatever it isóis dead, so just bury it.)ódonít faze me in the least, that I see them coming and have prepared adequately for their arrival a good 3 weeks ahead of time.  The fact that I give off this illusion gives me a sense of pride, but as all true pretenders of discipline know, this pride really pales in comparison to the Mecca of what it must actually be to be disciplined, poised, and utterly competent.