Welcome to “The Collaboratory Project

For extra credit (as mentioned on the “Musician”/“Speedy Thieves” Essay Assignment), follow the steps below.  Don’t forget: you’ll need that slip of paper I gave you to log in to this website. 

Please understand:  By “publishing” to this website, you are not publishing to the whole wide world.  At MOST, you can choose to publish your work and let your fellow classmates read it.  At the LEAST, you and I will be the only people who see your work.


Extra Credit #1—Complete by 10 pm on Friday, March 12.

1.      Go to http://collaboratory.nunet.net.  If you’re on your own computer at home, you should add this site to your favorites.

2.      Click on “Log In.”

3.      Type your username and password.  Make sure both are all lower case.  Then “Login.”

4.      The new page that comes up should have a series of buttons on the left and top of the page.  The pink button at the top is the “Profile” button.  Click on the “Profile” button.

5.      “Edit Personal Profile” should appear on the screen.  You don’t need to add any information to your profile. You should not change any information EXCEPT your password.  Make sure you type it carefully and remember it.

6.      After you’ve typed in your new password, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Save Profile.”

7.      Once you’ve done that, you’re done with the first extra credit assignment.  If you want to stop here, go and log out by clicking the upside-down U button on the left side.

[If for some reason when you “save” your profile it keeps kicking you back to the “Edit Your Profile” page, log out and log back in with your new password.]


Helpful Hints:

If at any point while working on this website you experience problems, particularly with pages not loading properly, log out (use that funny upside-down U button on the left side to do this) then log back in. 

When publishing your written work to this site, I recommend that you do one or both of the following:

§         Have a HARD COPY of your writing already made and type up your work from that.

§         Have your writing saved in a Microsoft WORD (not “works”) file on a disk or on your hard drive at home.  Then copy and paste your writing into the website.



Extra Credit #2—Complete by 7 pm, Tuesday, March 16.

1.      For this extra credit, you will need to be logged in to the Collaboratory site.  Once inside, click on the yellow “e” button on the left side of the screen.  This will take you to the “e-portfolio” in a new window.  (To leave the e-portfolio, just close the window.)

2.      Once you’re in the e-portfolio, you should see “Binder: Argument 4” or “Binder: Argument 6.” 

3.      If you click on “The Musician esta muerto,” you’ll pull up the documents in the folder.  Since you haven’t put anything in there yet, it should be empty.  However, there is at least one document in there.  To see it, click on the “Shared Documents” tab.

4.      Now you should see a document titled “The Savage’s Awesome Argument.”  Next to that you can see when the document was created and edited, see whether it’s a shared document (meaning all the people in your class who come to this folder can read it) or a private one (for your eyes and my eyes only).

5.      Click on “The Savage’s Awesome Argument.”  A new window should pop up with the document.  (If you have a pop-up blocker program, it will block this window.  You'll have to unblock this site and then continue.)

6.      Read the document.  Then, if you want to give feedback, you have three options.  You can click the “Poll” button and take the author’s poll (if one exists), or you can click the “Discuss” button and join the discussion about this document.  Make sure to “save” any feedback you leave.

7.      Now it’s your turn to publish your essay on this site.  To do this, first go into the folder with the same name as the case you’re writing about.  Then click the “New Document” button.

8.      Give your document a title and then click “save.”

9.      Click on “click here to insert text.”  Delete the “NEW TEXT HERE!!!” and start typing in (or copying and pasting) your essay.  When you reach the end of a paragraph, hit enter twice.  (If you copy and paste, you’ll have to go back in and put this extra spacing in.)

10.  “SAVE” your essay.  Even if you DON’T finish typing it at one time, save your work.  You can come back and edit it later.

11.  Before you close this window, decide whether you want to keep your document “private” or make it a “shared” document.  If you choose “private,” only I will be able to read it.  If you choose “shared,” the other students in your class will be able to see and read your work.  If you want to make your document shared, click on “Change Status.”  Select “Shared” and click on “save.”


Words of caution:

DO NOT PLAN ON TRYING ALL OF THIS AT THE LAST MINUTE.  This system has bugs, and if you don’t get your work published by the deadline, you will suffer late penalties.  To guard against this, I highly recommend that you turn in a hard copy of your essay before you leave school on Tuesday even if you plan on publishing to this website for the extra credit.


Yes, all deadlines are final.  If you miss ‘em, you lose the extra credit and run the risk of late penalties.