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Post-Reading Journal on “John Skinner”

1.      Technique-wise, how are the biographies on John Skinner and James Woodforde similar?  In what major ways do they differ?  Look less toward imagery patterns and more toward other techniques (e.g., point of view, use of quotes, sentence structure, various techniques at the beginnings and endings, etc.).

2.      In regards to theme, what themes do both the John Skinner and James Woodforde biographies touch on?  List at least two.

3.      In regards to judgment, where does Woolf stand on these themes in each essay?  How do you know?  Discuss the themes briefly using references to the biographies to support your ideas about Woolf’s thinking.  (Be sure to keep the feel of the biographies as a whole in mind as you comment on the themes with particular consideration for the endings—since these thoughts are the last thoughts you’re left with.)