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Something about Syntax.....

A Story

Last serny, Flingledobe and Pribin were in the nird-link treppering gloopy caples and cleaming burfy greps.  Suddenly, a dutty strezzle boofed into Flingledobe’s transk.  Pribin glaped and glaped.  “Oh Flingledobe,” he chifed, “that Dutty strezzle is tunning in your grep.”


Please answer the following questions about this story.


  1. Who is this story about?


  1. When did this story take place?


  1. What were the two main characters doing?


  1. What happened to Flingledobe?


  1. How did Pribin react?



Sliding into Some More Syntax…

Sample A:

See Jane run.  See Dick run.  See Spot run.


Sample B:

See Jane run.  Meanwhile there was some running done by Dick.  Spot, though, ran first.


Sample C:

Along the open road, Jane, a small girl filled with the charge of youth, ran after a boy chasing after a dog.


Sample D:

Call me Ishmael.


Sample E:

I would like to be known as Ishmael.


Sample F:

Ishmael is what I am known as.


Sample G:

Anger…fear…aggression.  The dark side of the Force are they.


Sample H:

There are three things that make up the dark side of the Force.  They are anger, fear, and aggression.


Sample I:

The dark side is anger.  The dark side is fear.  The dark side is aggression.  Beware the dark side of the Force.