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"Life Itself" (1927) / "James Woodforde" (1932) Judgment Statement Assignment

This is due by Tuesday, Oct. 19 by 4 pm.

1.  Pick either "Life Itself" or "James Woodforde."

2.  Develop a judgment statement (not a full-blown thesis statement; just the judgment of theme part) for the essay you picked.  Your judgment statement should account for any passage from the essay you chose.  (This means that no matter what 40 lines of the essay you look at, you should be able to prove the one judgment statement you came up with.)

3.  Make sure you indicate which essay your statement is about.

4.  Post your judgment statement to the Collaboratory e-portfolio.  There will be a "Virginia Woolf" binder set up.  Select that binder and find your peer group folder.  Post your judgment statement there.

5.  If you want to keep your ideas secret from other students (so they can't rip them off :) ), DON'T make your document "shared" at this time.  Instead, keep it private.  Ms. Spachman will be able to see your "private" documents, but your classmates will not.

This is due by Tuesday, Oct. 19 by 4 pm.