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Second Pre-Reading Assignment for “Life Itself”

Yes, you have another “pre-reading” activity to do.

Now that you’ve read the background information about this essay (italicized paragraph on the first page), take a moment to consider what it actually said.  Answer the questions below on a separate sheet of paper.  Label it “Journal 2 for ‘Life Itself.’”

  1. The background information stated that this essay is “a miniature biography.”  What does that tell you about this essay?
  1. Within the essay, you will find Virginia Woolf using quotes.  Based on what the background information told you, where did she get these quotes from?
  1. This essay is said to be about one of Virginia Woolf’s “lives of the obscure.”  Given that information and that this essay is a biography, make a prediction about what sort of person Woolf is writing about.  Explain why you make that prediction.


Complete the anticipation guide (before & after), Journal 2, and the reading of the essay by Wednesday, December 10.