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Refining your Woodforde Judgment Statement

All parts of this assignment are due by Thursday, 10/21 at 8 pm.
What to do:
  • Solicit your peer critics and other peers to give you feedback on your judgment.  Make your document "shared" if you haven't already by using the "Change Status" button in your document.  (Critics can earn extra credit by doing up to 5 critiques.  The quality and thoroughness of the critique determines how much extra credit the critic will earn. Critics should focus on the validity of the judgment, including the theme chosen.  Critics should also comment on clarity.  Critics may also want to play devil's advocate: challenge the judgment writer's ideas by trying to poke holes in the judgment statement.)
  • Refine/revise your judgment statement and post it AS A NEW DOCUMENT.  Call it "Revised judgment statement" (or something of the like).

If you so desire, you can refine your judgment without getting feedback, but obviously, critiques will help identify the weaknesses in your statement/idea and provide avenues for greater improvement.

IF YOU HAVEN'T POSTED A JUDGMENT STATEMENT AT ALL, you should do so by Thursday night.  You're going to need it...