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Now that you have completed this web quest, take a few moments to reflect on all your new knowledge.  Ask and answer for yourself the following questions.

"After three whole days inside Central, I know that integration is a much bigger word than I thought." --Melba Pattillo


In what ways have your understandings of "integration," "segregation," "civil rights," "racism," and "what it takes to be a warrior" changed?


bullet The crisis in Little Rock and the civil rights era occurred only a few decades ago in this country.  In terms of race issues and "treating all people equally," has our society improved since then?  How?  If we have improved, have we improved enough?


"Today is the first time in my life I felt equal to white people.  I want more of that feeling.  I'll do whatever I have to do to keep feeling equal all the time."  --Melba Pattillo

bullet What can you do "to keep feeling equal" in your life?  What can you do to help others feel "equal"?


bullet What issues in our society or in the world today would you consider becoming a "warrior" for?  Why?


To read about the Little Rock Nine's 40 year reunion at Central High School, click on the following link.


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