Warriors Don't Cry Web Quest
You will be doing four different things to complete this web quest:
   #1 Background research--You will spend one or two days with your partner/group in the computer lab to find information that will give you a strong foundation in understanding your topic(s). You will need to take notes on this information for another part of this task.
  #2 Collecting Artifacts--While in the computer lab (or at home), you will need to collect some "artifacts" related to your topic. These artifacts can be pictures/photographs, quotes from people involved (if you're researching an event), clipart, maps, excerpts from important texts (like if you're studying the Voting Rights Act of 1965), etc. You will "collect" these artifacts by saving them to a disk.
  #3 Creating PowerPoint Slides--With your partner/group, you will need to design and create 3-5 PowerPoint slides for our class "timeline" on the Civil Rights era. Your slides should artfully present the artifacts you've collected and the most concise and important information on your topic that you need to share with your classmates.
  #4 Timeline Presentation--Once all the slides have been made by all the groups, they will be put together into one big PowerPoint presentation to make a complete class timeline of the whole Civil Rights era. We will view this presentation when it is complete and each group will be responsible for presenting their slides.
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