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Important Figures in the Little Rock Crisis

DIRECTIONS:  Below are several sub-topics you will need to research on this issue.  Each sub-topic has questions you need to answer, and all the sites on the "Resources" page have the information you need in order to answer the questions.  However:


You do NOT have to write in complete sentences (yet), but make sure what you write down is clearly said.

(unless the question specifically asks for quoted material--meaning something you are writing down word for word from a web page)

I highly recommend that you split up the sub-topics among your group members (divide and conquer!).  SHARE the information you find with your group members because everyone needs to write down the information.  If there are still things you are missing after everyone does their share, work together to find that missing information.

HOW TO TAKE NOTES:  Write down your information according to the sub-topic you research (i.e., Write all the information you find on "Thurgood Marshall" down in one section.  IF YOU WANT, you can copy down the questions as well, but that is not necessary as long as you make sure to gather all the information the questions ask for.

Sub-Topics and Questions

Thurgood Marshall

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Orval E. Faubus