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Assignment #4


 Complete this assignment before doing the reading for Assignment #5.

Class Discussion and Journal Activity

 1.  Close your eyes and remember back to your first day at Curie High School or even the first day you came to Curie for freshmen orientation.  What were your impressions of Curie before you arrived?  Once you arrive?  What were you feeling (emotionally/physically)?  What did you expect from the upper classmen?  What were you worried about.  Write a few sentences (3-5) answering these questions.

2.  Now think back a little further.  How did you prepare yourself for coming to Curie?  Did you get up extra early?  Read extra books over the summer?  Talk to friends who were students at Curie?  Visit Curie to see where your classes were?  Buy special school supplies? Write a few sentences (3-5) answering these questions.

3.  Did you choose to come to Curie?  If not, why not?  If you did choose to come here, what were your reasons for choosing Curie?  Write a couple sentences.

4.  Now that you've been here for a few months, reflect back on the days leading up to your first day at Curie and the very first day itself.  What was it really like?  Did any of your fears come true?  Did something happen that you didn't expect?  If you could go back, would you do anything differently?  Why?  Are you happy at Curie?  Why or why not?  Write 1/2 page (7 or more sentences) for your reflection.