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Warriors Don’t Cry

Reading Assignments 3 and 4


 On Friday, Oct. 31, we will be having a reading quiz in class. 

The quiz will be quotes said by people in the book from the chapters you should have read for Assignment 3. Your job will be to set those quotes in context.  You will need to explain who said the quote and to whom, what it was said about, where the character was when s/he said it, when it happens in the story, and why it’s significant to the story.



ASSIGNMENT #3—Complete by Friday, 10/31.

Read the Chapters 5-9 (pages 47-106).  As you read, pay attention to the characters and the significant things that happen.  Pay attention to historical figures and events.  Keep in mind that Melba is the narrator of this story.


ASSIGNMENT #4—Complete by Friday, 10/31.

This WILL be collected.

  1. Find someone from outside of Curie High School who was living in the United States and at least your age or older during the Civil Rights era (approximately 1954 to 1970).   Politely ask this person if they would be willing to be interviewed by you about their personal experiences and perceptions while living through this time period.  You must find someone who is willing to be interviewed.  PRINT THE FULL NAME AND RELATIONSHIP OF THIS PERSON TO YOU (e.g. grandmother, uncle, neighbor, member of your church, former teacher, etc.) on the form below.  Then please have this person SIGN indicating their consent to be interviewed by you.  You must also sign this form.  You must turn in this in on Friday.
  2. Create 5 to 8 questions that you plan on asking this person during the interview.  You should ask the person to detail what personal experiences they have with the Civil Rights movement and other questions that will allow your interviewee to explain what it was liking living in the U.S. during this time.  SUBMIT A CLEAR COPY OF YOUR QUESTIONS WITH THE INTERVIEW PERMISSION SLIP THAT APPEARS BELOW.

Interview Permission Slip

I have asked ________________________________________________________,
                                      (print name of the person you’ll be interviewing)
__________________________, if I may interview them about their recollections and
experiences of living through the Civil Rights era in the United States.
Student/Interviewer: ____________________________
I have agreed to be interviewed by the student named above: _______________________