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Warriors Don’t Cry

Reading Assignments 1 and 2


 On Friday, Oct. 24, we will be having a two-part reading quiz in class. 

The first part of the quiz will be quotes said by people in the book from the chapters you should have read for Assignment 1  Your job will be to set those quotes in context.  You will need to explain who said the quote and to whom, what it was said about, where the character was when s/he said it, when it happens in the story, and why it’s significant to the story.

The second part of the quiz will be focused on the research you completed for Assignment 2.



ASSIGNMENT #1—Complete by Friday, 10/24.

Read the Introduction and Chapters 1-4 (up to page 47).  As you read, pay attention to the characters and the significant things that happen.  Keep in mind that Melba is the narrator of this story.


ASSIGNMENT #2—Complete by Friday, 10/24.

This will not be collected, but you will need to know the information for your reading quiz.  

Research Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas.  You may research this topic on the Internet or in the encyclopedias in the Media Center.  While researching this topic, find answers to the following questions:

  • What was Brown v. Board of Education?  What was it about?
  • When was it decided?  Who decided it?
  • Why was Brown v. Board of Education so important for the United States?