The log below gathers evidence for proving that Chato is an unreliable narrator particularly in regards to his main selling point:  That he is a "somebody."  It incorporates evidence and explanations to build case against Chato's perspective of himself.  To make this assignment simpler (if needed), you could only gather evidence to prove that Chato is unreliable overall, not just about being a "somebody."

(Un)reliable Narrator Unit

Reading Log                                                          Name: __________SAMPLE_____________

 Title of Story: __"The Somebody" by Danny Santiago___

Reliability Criteria Codes:




Knowledge & Understanding






Thinks for self

In Touch with Reality

No Contradictions


Log of Evidence to Support the Narrator’s (Un)reliability

Reliable? Y/N

Quote from Story

Reliability Code

Detailed Explanation


"This is Chato talking, Chato de Shamrock..." (1).




"I want you to know this is a big day in my life because today I quit school and went to work as a writer" (1).




"In the old days [the Sierra] wouldn't dare to come on our street, but without your gang you're nobody. And one of these fine days they're going to catch up with me in person and that will be the end of Chato de Shamrock" (2).

5 & 6



"Mrs. Cully drove me home one time when some guys were after me. I think she wanted to adopt me but she never said anything about it" (2). 5  


"You know how you put your name on something and that proves it belongs to you? ...I put my name on the Triple A Market and on Morrie's Liquor Store and on the Zocalo, which is a beer joint. And then I cruised on up Broadway, getting rich... [Then] I signed myself [on the funeral home], and now I can eat good and live in style and have a big time all my life, and then kiss you all good-bye and give myself the best damn funeral in L.A. for free" (2-3). 5  


"I ducked into the garage and hid behind the hearse. Not that I'm a coward" (3). 6  


"I couldn't hear what [the Sierra] were saying but I knew they had me on their mind" (3). 5  


"There was one man. He got out of his Cadillac to buy a paper and when he saw my name he smiled... I bet he'd give me a job if I asked him. I bet he'd take me to his home and to his office in the morning. Pretty soon I'd be sitting at my own desk and signing my name on letters and checks and things" (5). 5  


"I don't need to be a movie star or boxing champ to make my name in the world. All I need is plenty of chalk and crayons. And that's easy. L.A. is a big city, man, but give me a couple of months and I'll be famous all over town" (5). 5  


"But I'll be like a ghost, man. I'll be real mysterious, and then all they'll know is just my name, signed like I always sign it, CHATO DE SHAMROCK with rays shooting out like from the Holy Cross" (5). 5