Mini-Arguments on  Mood



Excellent Example of a Mini-Argument on "Not Waving but Drowning"





     I think the poem "Not Waving but Drowning" is a painful poem.  It seems to be saying, as in the line: "Nobody heard him, the dead man, but still he lay moaning," that the subject of the poem was suffering without other's knowledge.  "It must have been too cold for him for his heart gave way" shows that people didn't know for sure what was wrong with the dying man.  However, ", it was too cold always" explains that the man had been suffering for a prolonged period of time.  The line "not waving but drowning" seems to mean that while people thought the guy was pleasant and happy, he was actually hurting.  The guy was going through pain and people didn't realize, so he continued to suffer.  That is why I think the poem is painful.