The  Open   Mic



"Love" Poems





  Your love is...
  Lilian Ochoa
  Your love is a black plague
                                        Overcoming me in nausea
                  Disintegrating any fleeting shred of sanity
                  Within torn and worn heartstrings
  Your love is a haunting lullaby
                  Torturing my slumber in the most hallucinogenic
  Your love is blood splattered across white walls
                  A bullet pressed into bleeding palms
                  Smeared across your gaping face
  I mock this "love"
                  this lie constructed into a chaotic unrelenting
                            Your love is a hatred that consumes my every
                  an inexplicable desire to tear you into
                  unrecognizable shreds
                  to devour you, picking the bone clean of any
                  remnant of flesh
                             Of any heart capable of creating this "love"
                                                                    these lies