The  Open   Mic



"Love" Poems





  Janira Hernandez
  Nothing compares 2 you
  She sings.
  The words like tears
  of pain.
  They will not let her 4-get
  the love that once was hers.
  I feel compassion for her.
  She is nothing but a
  crying fool.
  She doesn't realize
  that the love she has for him
  is nothing but the words she sings.
  He will never be hers
  He is gone away
  To a place that she cannot
  return to.
  She continues 2 sing
  as tears from her eyes
  run down her cheeks.
  I am reminded of my days of love
  and how easily a person can be deceived.
  You must forget about him
  I shout 2 her.
  But she does not listen.
  She continues to sing about
  her misery.
  Oh!  You foolish girl!
  Then as I look up 2 see,
  I realize the young girl singing
  is actually me.