The  Open   Mic



"Love" Poems





  Every Time
  Deanna Hill
  Every time I see you, you leave me speechless
  not knowing what to say
  You love, hold me, and even kiss me
  in a compassionate way.
  Every time I see you,
  you bring a smile to my face
  Before, my heart was empty, but you came along
  and filled that empty space.
  Every time I see you, you make me feel like
  I was on a natural high
  You used to make me feel good all over
  but now I have to ask myself why?
  Because every time I see you,
  you're always in that other girl's face
  Leavin' me at home with a hole in my heart
  that cannot be replaced.
  Every time I see you,
  you act like "we" never existed
  You're started to look at me all crazy
  as if I got this **** twisted.
  Every time I see you, I just wanna cut you,
  but if I do that, I know I will fail
  because you will die,
  and I'll have to serve time in jail.
  From now on, every time you see me,
  don't say **** to me
  because you don't qualify as the man
  that you're supposed to be.
  While you did me wrong, I tried to figure you out,
  tried to understand
  but I am tired of you
  and I've done for you all that I can.
  And you better believe you owe me an apology
  but don't look for forgiveness from me.
  I'm glad that you're out of my life
  and out of my mind
  because you seem to do this to me...
  Every Time!