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"Love" Poems





  My One Love
  Jeanette Conley
  I know without a doubt,
  that you're the one for me
  when my eyes are wide open,
  and even when I'm asleep.
  Because nobody else can bring
  the joy you bring to me,
  and when you're not around, all doors are locked,
  because only you have the key.
  Words can't express... the way you make me feel.
  My friends say I brag too much,
  and that you're really not a big deal.
  But in my mind,
  I can't help but see
  how you and me fit together so perfectly.
  Yeah, you drive me crazy sometimes,
  but that's a part of being in love.
  So, I'll forever hold my head up high
  and say, "Yes, you are the one,"
  because there couldn't possibly be a greater LOVE!