The  Open   Mic



"Love" Poems





  I want to be with you
  Gabriela Salazar
  I want to be with you
  all I do is dream 'bout you
  I want you to be more mine
  I want to be your one & only
       not a waste of time
  I lie when I say, "you've got a lady
       & I don't mind, Baby Boy"
  Don't use me as your toy
  I want to be more than friends,
       more than kicks.
  I'm a true female, not like these other tricks.
  I do trip 'bout her and the truth is
  I want you to desire my kiss.
  I want to be the one & only you miss.
  I ain't no gold digger, don't need your dinero.
       That's right, Baby Boy, Te quireo.