The  Open   Mic



"Love" Poems





  I Love You and Stay Strong
  Romana Amato
  Sometimes I wish I could just fade away
  and forever leave this earth
  I shed my tears as the day goes by
  and in the night
  only stars hear my cries
  swiftly down my cheeks
  my tears turn to blood
  I cough and laugh and scream and cry
  hoping my tears will go dry.
  This pain I feel
  it's in my chest and never goes away
  I wait all night and through the day
  but never does it fade.
  I look into the mirror
  and wonder "Who am I?"
  Am I the brave warrior they say I am
  or should I go on and cry?
  I put my hand onto my chest
  and I don't feel a thing
  I think my heart skipped a beat
  it doesn't dance or sing.
  I rip the locket from around my neck
  and throw it far away
  I don't want to see your face
  when you're not here day by day.
  All I want is to hear that voice,
  the one that keeps me calm,
  the one that whispers softly
  "I love you and stay strong."