The  Open   Mic



"Love" Poems





  Joanna Martinez
  You know my feelings are real,
  By now you should know how I feel...
  ****** you know I love you,
  You know I only have eyes for you,
  You know I will always be true,
  No matter what, you will always be my boo.
  I love you for your respect,
  And I can't find something in which you are not correct.
  With you I will spend a lifetime,
  That way I'll be sure you're all mine.
  I hope in our life time
  Our love will above all shine,
  Then we forever will bump and grind.
  You treat me like a beautiful rose,
  The way you hold me in your arms so close,
  I love it.  I'm pretty sure your know it.
  Damn, why do I love you so much?
  Why can't I wait to feel your touch?
  Losing you is one of my biggest fears,
  If it ever were to happen, my life would be full of tears.
  I hope we never fall apart,
  Because if we did, you know it would break my heart.
  I know sometimes it seems as if I'm mad,
  But I think I just act up because I got it bad.
  I have the feeling that you're the one.
  I add up all the math and that is always my sum.
  You helped me find happiness.
  I thank you for taking out all my emptiness.
  I will always be by your side,
  Even if you've got a broke-down ride.
  That's how strong my love is.
  So baby, you best appreciate this.
  No matter what happens
  Even if our love ends,
  I will still love to be friends.
  I feel this love was meant to be.
  I hope you feel the same way about me.
  I never felt like this, but I don't know what
  I would do if you were ever to leave me.
  I love you