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Mentoring for Palace Walk



MENTEES (juniors)


You will be completing a reading and analysis journal for Mr. McGinn on Palace Walk this summer.  As part of that work, you are expected to type up and post three (3) of your journal entries on-line to the Collaboratory for your mentors to respond to.





  1. In a word processing program, type the extract from the text you’re responding to, including the page numbers that extract is from, and your response.  Save this (just in case).
  2. Post this work to the Collaboratory through the IB Literature Discussion Board.  To post this work, you will need to create a topic on the discussion board.  When you do this, PUT YOUR NAME IN THE TOPIC so your mentor can easily find your posting.  Cut and paste what you typed in Microsoft Word into the message to post.  Then click POST.
  3. Wait about a week before checking back to see your mentors’ responses.  Reply back as it suits you.
  4. IF ONE OF YOUR MENTORS DOES NOT POST WITHIN A WEEK, another mentor will have the opportunity to help you out (and if push comes to shove, Ms. Spachman or Mr. McGinn will respond).





  • 1st journal posting is due by July 15.
  • 2nd journal posting is due by July 31.
  • 3rd journal posting is due by August 15.





Do not wait until the last minute to post.  You can/should post your journals before the due date.




Mentoring for Palace Walk


MENTORS (seniors)*


You will be helping the new juniors delve into the world of literary analysis with their reading of Palace Walk.  While the new juniors have some experience with literary analysis, they have much to learn and sometimes hearing it from another student who knows it works better than a teacher yabbering teacher lingo.



  1. Your mentees will be posting 3 of their journals from Palace Walk during the course of the summer (see their due dates on the other side).  These will be posted on-line at the Collaboratory through the IB Literature Discussion Board.  During the week after each posting, your job is to go on-line, read your mentees’ journals, and respond to them.  Check discussion board topics or originators for which postings were put up by your mentees.
  2. Reply to each of your mentee’s journals via the discussion board.  Offer constructive advice about how to improve their analysis.  Respond to their ideas as a fellow reader.  Ask them questions about their ideas.  Etc.  Most juniors have been assigned 2 mentors; both mentors should respond.
  3. If your mentee writes back, it would be to your advantage (extra credit) to continue the conversation.
  4. If one (or more) of your mentees does not post by their due dates, pick one (or two, or three depending on how many you need) of the mentees off the following list.  These students were only assigned one mentor.  Respond to their journal so you won’t miss your due date.


Babiarz, Jane  (j_babiarz)

Camargo, Aurora (a_camargo)

Gonzalez, Perla (p_gonzalez)

Hernandez, Tanya (t_hernandez)

Hindi, Enal (e_hindi)


Lopez, Mayra (m_lopez)

Mendoza, Celina (c_mendoza)

Tapia, Nancy (n_tapia)

Zawadski, Kamil (k_zawadski)



  • #1:  Check for your mentees’ 1st journal between July 15-20.  RESPOND no later than July 21.
  • #2:  Check for your mentees’ 2nd journal between July 31-August 6.  RESPOND no later than August 7.
  • #3:  Check for your mentees’ 3rd journal between August 15-20.  RESPOND no later than August 21.


Do not wait until the last minute to reply to your mentees.  You can/should reply before the due date.



The day after the mentor due dates, McGinn or Spachman will post on the Collaboratory a list of mentees who need additional mentor help.  These students are available for you to pick up as extra credit.  You may pick up to 2 different students to give mentoring comments to (for the most recent journal posting).  This is available on a first come basis and you must get the OK from Ms. Spachman.  Email: sspach@hotmail.com or call 773-456-3318.



* If you were assigned 3 students to mentor, then this is how it works:  When it’s time for you to respond to your rmentees, you can pick just two of them to respond to.  (If you want, please respond to all three.)  However, if you were assigned one of the mentees listed above under #4, you MUST make that student one of the students you respond to.  This applies to:  Jessica Z., Giancarlo, Erica, Luis, Daniel T., and Candice.