“The Sniper”

by Liam O'Flaherty

 The assignment below is worth ONE IR punch.  You must complete both parts of the assignment to earn this punch.

In your heading, be sure to include the story name.

(Punches will be given when the assignment is turned in and graded.)


Part One:  Word Study

Look up the following words in bold and answer the questions that go with them.

  1. Look up Dublin.  Where is Dublin and what seems to be happening there according to the story?
  2. Look up fanatic.  In the story, the sniper's eyes have “the cold gleam of the fanatic.”  What do you think this description means?  What does it tell you about the sniper?
  3. Look up TWO other words of your choice from the story that you DON’T know or aren’t sure about.  Write down the words and the definitions that best fit the story.  Explain why the definitions fit the story.


Part Two:  Comprehension

  1. MOOD:  Using clues from the story, what mood (emotional atmosphere) does this story seem to have?  Explain using the clues you looked at to support your answer.
  2. PREDICTION:  Make a prediction about what the sniper is going to do now that he has killed his “enemy.”  Base your prediction on what you already know about the sniper from the story and explain using the clues you looked at.
  3. THEME:  The theme of a story is a big idea that the whole story is about.  Clearly, one of the themes of “The Sniper” is WAR.  What do you think the author, Liam O’Flaherty, wants us to think about war?  State your answer and two or three reasons (based on information from the story) for your answer.