Beginning to Write Character Portrayals
The "Hate" Portrayal
Picture in your mind someone you truly dislike, perhaps even hate.  Carefully construct the appearance of this person in your mind and take in the details.  Consider how you would describe this person to an audience in a way that would convince your audience to dislike him/her too.
Write a 5+ sentence paragraph describing the physical appearance of this person.  Use specific adjectives and similes to vividly portray the person to convey how horrible, terrible, or despicable s/he is.  Keep your audience in mind and use language to convince them that they shouldn't like this person either.
The "______"  Portrayal
Repeat the activity above with an entirely new person and new emotion.  This time pick someone you love, someone you fear, someone you admire, etc.  Follow the directions above, but create a totally different portrayal.